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From Amazon.com: "Have you ever been curious about seeing a psychic because you were at crossroads in your life and unsure which direction to go, or you wanted to consult with a medium who can make a connection with your loved that had passed on. Whatever piqued your interest towards a psychic Top 50 Psychics has it all with a diverse group of men and women each bringing their own unique way of relaying answers to the many questions a client may have. Top 50 Psychics will leave no stone unturned for the inquiring minds that want to know."


The Hedra News article

The knowledge, wisdom and unconditional love that comes through from a Higher Perspective in a Psychic Medium reading, can soothe the soul, inspire the spirit, and bring healing and transformation...


Spirited Conversation w/ Teresa & Kerry- How to find the best medium for you

Mediumship requires more than the ability to communicate with Spirit. So what qualities should you look for in a Medium to ensure that your reading experience is a positive one? How does one prepare for a reading? Kerry and Teresa answer these questions and invite you to call in your questions for another Spirited Conversation. Put your psychic abilities to the test to win a free reading with Teresa. And, call in for an On Air reading...

The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post reached out to psychics across the nation with an “odd Super Bowl request” — we wanted to know who they thought would win Sunday’s game. Although it must be stressed that this is outside the normal purview of their job, 25 psychics got back to us to give a prediction for fun...



Kerry was invited to read at PsychicFort, during the Treefort Music Fest. "PsychicFort is a fun new event put on by Eyes Of The World Imports during Treefort Music Fest at our store in downtown Boise! Take a break from the music scene and stroll over for a different kind of internal journey."