Thank you to my clients who have shared their reading experience in a testimonial to help others understand my work.

“I am a skeptic, I always have been, but how does one explain the intimate details that Kerry so purposefully illuminated? The internet knows nothing of my father’s name. His family does not speak of him on public forums, pictures never posted. Yet a man, who is not connected to me in blood, name, or legalities, had contacted Kerry as a means to connect with me in spirit. This woman; whom I just met, knows nothing more than my first name. Yet, she is about to take me on a journey that will forever change my perception of existence and faith. With her eyes closed, a pleasant smile on her face, she begins... ‘He is in a boat.’” 

– Dawn Jarrels

Working with Kerry in a transformational reading series has been an amazing experience! From the very first session, my soul opened up to her allowing her access to my inner sanctum. Her ability to see and to read what I could not was extremely helpful in moving me forward on my journey into discovering who I am and what I am here for. There are times when another soul is placed directly in your path and it is your choice to reach out to them or not. I feel Kerry is one of those souls. She is warm and loving and very accepting of what she sees and I found her very delightful to work with. I so appreciated the spiritual lessons reminding me of what had been discovered with each session and what I needed to work on to move forward. Without those, I would have easily slipped into taking care of everyone else’s needs and forgetting my own. Knowing I would meet with her again to share my progress helped me to focus on doing my own work. Even with that said, there were sessions when I thought it would go one way but once I was with Kerry, Spirit took me in another direction giving her access to what really needed to be worked on. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Kerry and I look forward to doing another series with her again when Spirit says it is time.

– Sandy

That particular day was just like any other ordinary day. That is, until I met Kerry. What happened in a small hair salon would completely rock my world (in a very positive way of course). I lost my son in 1985. He was 4 months old. I had resigned myself to the fact that I would never really know what happened to him until my time came. He came through with Kerry. The confirmations were astounding! The love that I felt was breathtaking! He had so much to say. His playfulness was extremely enjoyable. The facial expressions and emotions that Kerry displayed, as she relayed things to me, were truly amazing! I knew that she was feeling and saying things just how they were supposed to be conveyed to me. I could not wait to get home and share this phenomenal experience with my family. This was a gift beyond my imagination. I always felt that I was doing ok with the death of my son. However, after my experience with Kerry, everything was so much more clear and bright and lovely! She was truly a blessing to me and my family! I will be forever grateful to her!

– Connie

Kerry gave us a wonderful reading bringing our friend Kevin through who had passed away 30 years ago. She was very accurate with her description of him and his personality. We knew it could be no one else but him. She was right on when describing the way he passed. She gave us a message from him that meant a lot and made us smile. Thank you so much!
Love and Light Blessed Be

– Teresa Kleve

The visit with Kerry Ryan-Kuhn was an authentic and profoundly moving experience for me. I came to my first session with no expectations. I did not know Kerry and I personally wasn’t in any need. The messages conveyed were quite unexpected. The information I received was for my aunt and cousin from their deceased spouses. My aunt and cousin live 3,000 miles from me. The information was very specific to my relatives. Kerry and I had no access beforehand to the details that came through. The descriptions ranged from the shoes and nail polish my cousin wore a few weeks ago to knowing about special keepsakes that were stored in the closet. Many other personal things about my aunt and cousin were mentioned. These small facts verified the persons speaking, but most important were the messages of love that are in the hearts of those who have passed over for the ones still here in this life.

I highly recommend Kerry. She is the “real deal”

– Judi
Bend, Oregon

“During our time together you described my Father, Mother, Mother-In-Law, Grandfather, Children and of course My Love with such accuracy I was amazed. You even knew how my Father would stand with his arms behind his back and view the world around him. He was and still is a very special man and will always be my hero so it is nice to know that the feeling that I get that he is guiding me is not just my imagination. My Mom, by many and me, would describe her as a lover of life, knowledge but most of all family. We shared a great many things together and it’s nice to know we still share our love of reading and yes I will always remember our lullaby and I made sure my children and I have a special one between each of us that is just ours also. There were little details that you gave me of the ones that have passed that are not common knowledge, that I don’t speak of with to anyone, that have never been posted on Facebook or anywhere else yet you were able to share those with me. I do not know how my pets communicated with you and even though I had many there were two that had a very special place in my heart and it is nice to know I had one in theirs. How you knew how they passed, their sex and the little things that they did that no one else really knew about, well that tells me you have a direct line to things I do not have. I will cherish the feelings you imparted to me of their love, their pride in me and their encouragement to continue with my dreams. It is nice to know they are still around me giving me gentle nudges when I need them.

You were a joy to speak with… I encourage others to try, just be sure to have some tissues because you will need them as tears should be expected….not of sadness but because of the sudden overflowing feeling of love, warmth, safety and the floodgates of wonderful memories that have not been touched in a while.”

– Cyndi Schefflin

“I have had regular reading with Kerry, each one offering information and insight into my life path, past, present and future. The first one was powerful because it validated the process for the both of us. Kerry brought through three different people, confirming this process was very real, and that life after death does exist. My spirituality has been strengthened as a result and the readings have literally changed my life.”

– Mary Catherine, San Jose, CA

“My reading with Kerry was extraordinary; her messages are so clear and she is a warm hearted and generous person. Kerry brought through my grandma, whom I had never met but had always had a strong desire to. It was amazing that she was able to pick up my grandma out of all people. Though I never knew her, I know so many stories about her and how she had passed. Kerry knew all of the details of the accident, information about how my dad had been specifically affected, and my personal thoughts about the situation, all of which no one would know about. Kerry gave me an amazing and invaluable message from my grandma that has given me comfort in knowing my grandma is always with me. I later told my mom and dad of the experience and they were both in awe. My father was so appreciatie to have had some connection to his mother that he had always longed for. My parents are definitely believers now. It was special to me because I was able to hear the beautiful things that every grandchild should hear from their grandparent. Kerry has such a lovely gift that could change many peoples lives.”

– Ky Kubitz

“What I love most about the work Kerry does with her clients and in her classes is that she shows up as herself.  Her human, brilliant, gifted, messy, loving, compassionate…constantly learning self.  She won’t show up in robes, with bells and crystal balls….though she does love to surround herself with her beautiful gems and stones! She does not show up as the “Knower of All.” She shows up as a co-creative partner with the non physical and with her clients.   She receives the information from the non physical and translates it through a modern lens.  She is a leading edge Medium. She is a Modern Medium.

If you are looking for a Wise, modern day Medium, I highly recommend Kerry.”

– Lynne Morrell
EFT Practitioner and Personal Life Coach

“I recently had my first reading with Kerry. I must admit that I was not sure what to expect and that I was very surprised by the outcome of her being on target for so many of the topics. I am extremely satisfied with her services. Without being too specific; I can admit that Kerry shared significant details with me which would have been impossible to know from a Google search or any other type of research means.

Kerry described specific family and friend situations; detailed in-depth relationships I have with people I know; and she shared the exact period of specific events in my life. She would not have been able to guess or research such private and random situations and matters.

I would have no problem recommending her to family or friends. I am grateful for her gift, which allowed me to affirm my personal beliefs. She is a sweet, kind and genuine person. I wish her complete success and happiness.”

– Debra S.



How grateful I am to my clients who have taken the time and energy to write about their reading experiences. Reviews and Testimonials help those looking for a Psychic Medium to find one who is the “real deal”, who is trustworthy and who is a good match for them. If you feel inspired to write your own testimonial, please submit the form below.

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