I am currently on sabbatical, completing my education and training. I am sorry to miss you. Through this time I will keep in contact via my blog and newsletter You can subscribe here.


  • Evidential Readings to connect with the eternal consciousness (spirit) of your loved ones who have passed. This means bringing through evidence of the presence of your loved ones in spirit, information I can’t possibly know and can’t possibly “google”. It is important that you know your loved one is with us so you can fully receive their messages and their love.

  • Connecting you with the wisdom of your Highest Self and the divine spiritual energies that guide you.

  • Supporting you through the challenges, transitions and losses of life

  • Supporting your spiritual growth and development journey

  • A reading last approximately an hour. If you would like more time please let me know.

Mediumship Readings:


Past Life Regression Session: Approximately three hours

  • Connecting you directly through deep hypnosis, to your soul’s history, your highest self and your spiritual guidance

  • Can uncover, release and heal blocks to your well-being, such as past trauma, phobias and problematic behavior patterns

  • Can illuminate hidden strengths and talents

  • Can illuminate and bring understanding and healing to your relationships

Life Between Life Regression Hypnosis: Approximately four hours

  • Connecting you with your soul’s history between incarnations for a vast perspective of your eternal soul, its essence and purpose

  • Can illuminates soulful relationships and connect you with your divine spiritual guidance

  • Can experience the peace and oneness of your soul’s essence, of Source and of the interconnectedness of all

Soul Centered Hypnotherapy: