IMPORTANT INFORMATION to help you prepare for your reading


The purpose of a reading is to connect you to the energy of higher wisdom, with a higher perspective and unconditional love for you, so that you can take what comes through to guide you, expand your consciousness and illuminate your path and your personal and spiritual growth journey. The purpose of a reading is not for me to tell you what to do or what will happen in your future. Come to your reading ready to take a good honest look at yourself and with the intention of learning and growing as a person and as a spiritual being. Information often comes through in symbols and metaphor, so be ready to process information differently than you usually do.

I encourage you to record your reading or to take notes, so you can revisit the information that comes through. It is tough to process it all and remember it all during your reading. Listening to a recording or revisiting your notes can help you continue to process after your reading and allows you to continue to work with your reading in the future. A reading can be a source of guidance and wisdom for your mind and heart to gnaw on for a long time after your reading.

Thank you for refraining from wearing heavily scented products the day of your reading. These products contain chemicals that can affect our nervous systems adversely. With my sensitivity, I am easily affected by these chemicals. Thank you for helping me keep my neurological system working at its very best for your reading.

As a psychic medium, I am not only sensitive to energy and chemicals but am sensitive to barometric pressure changes that come with changing weather. Occasionally my sensitivity to barometric pressure changes will arise at the time of a reading. If this happens before your reading, I will let you know as soon as possible and will reschedule you to the nearest and most convenient time possible.

I know that you also might have to reschedule because the unexpected happens in all of our lives...mine included. If I have to reschedule, I will give you as much notice as possible and reschedule you into the nearest appointment slot that works for you. Thank you for giving me as much notice as you possibly can.


Your reading will be at my office, located just off Warm Springs Avenue. 

750 Warm Springs Ave, Suite A3
Enter the parking lot from Bannock Street.