What Religion Are Psychic Mediums?

A Psychic Medium is someone who is born extremely sensitive to the world beyond our five senses and can with the gifts of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizence and Clairsentience receive information and communication from the Spirit world, from the Consciousness of those no longer in physical form.  Natural Mediums who are born with this ability, are born to families of all religions.

I am spiritual, not religious, though I was born into a Catholic family.  My parents when I was a teenager changed religions and became practicing Fundamentalist Christians.  I followed during my high school years, then went back to Catholicism before realizing that my spirit is truly “Interfaith”…and “Mystical”… I am inspired by the wisdom that underlies most religious and ancient traditions.  My mysticism makes room for mystery, while we are here in the physical I don’t think its possible to ever have all the answers about existence.  I have attended many churches and faith community services, including Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist and Unitarian as well as Native American Drumming Circles and Spiritualist Church services.  I have felt Spirit present in all of them.

I know that my sharing of what I experience due to my sensitivity to spirit can make some people of religions uncomfortable as different church leaders interpret sacred texts about spiritual gifts differently. Those who have a more scientific and humanistic view of the world, can also have a hard time wrapping their minds around the reality of Spirit and life after death.  Spirit is an unseen reality and we are a five senses society… To open one’s mind to the reality of Spirit is to open to the realization that there is a reality beyond the reality we know or the reality beyond what one’s religion may uphold.

Humans through out time resist change, and especially change in how they view reality.  In choosing to work openly as a Medium one makes the choice to be misunderstood and even rejected as we live in a society that has a long way to go towards understanding and accepting the reality we are receiving.  This becomes a large part of our spiritual journey as Mediums as we face being true to ourselves no matter what others think.

My belief system now holds all that I experience in my communication with Spirit.  This has changed how I live, as it has brought me further into the present moment, and opened my heart and my mind.  I see myself and others as eternal spirits connected to an intelligent, loving profound and infinite reality in which each and every soul is of great importance.

I do readings with people of all religious faiths and ways of thinking.  Spirit has no religion and no agenda, aside from love.  I am grateful for my experiences and my viewpoint which supports this work well.  I am able to see those I work with through the unconditionally loving eyes of Spirit. What we believe doesn’t matter to Spirit, who we are matters.

Are Psychic Mediums religious?  Our religious backgrounds are diverse, but our experience of Spirit is going to be similar and the unconditional love and nonjudgemental nature of Spirit most likely will be a part of a Medium’s belief system.  An authentic Medium will see you through the eyes of Spirit, without judgment…and not through a religious lens. If you would like to work with someone with a belief system similar to your own,  or if you are sensing a Medium has a religious agenda, ask them about their belief system.

Blessings to you,


Mitch Kuhn