The Joy of Mediumship

I posted this a year ago shortly after my return from England.  I still sometimes can’t believe I traveled to England and studied at Arthur Findley.  It was just over five years ago I was home and bed bound by a Dopamine Deficiency Movement Disorder and yet I have been able to make this trip by myself.  My son’s spirit has taught me that all is possible…I repost in dedication to Perry and his mom.

Perhaps the greatest gift I bring home with me from my journeys to Arthur Findlay College in England is the pure joy of the foundation of Mediumship, bringing through loved ones in spirit to their loved ones in the physical. When a Medium brings through enough evidence and brings through the spirit and the personality of your loved one who has passed and you know you are in their presence, love and healing pour through. There is nothing like being the Medium who gets to be present in the connection.

As Mediums we are ambassadors of the spirits who come through…we represent them, we respect them, we care about them and we want those they love to receive their love and messages fully and clearly. We also understand how hard they work and the skills they must use to work with each of our unique minds to bring through the memories, the images, the sounds, and the sensory experiences that makes them known to you. As Mediums their messages touch our souls as they touch the souls of their loved ones.

We are also ambassadors to the spirits of those in the physical who seek our abilities and want to connect with their loved ones who have passed. We care that your soul be blessed by what we bring through. We care that we represent Spirit so that you understand the pure love that is spiritual connection, so that the blessing of connecting to the spirits of your loved one can bless your life as they connect with you in your ongoing spiritual relationship.

I go to Arthur Findlay to hone my skills at providing evidence of your loved one in spirits presence…so you know when they are present with us and so you can receive the full blessing of their presence. Then I come home and experience in my work the many ways spiritual connection touches and heals the soul…through connecting to the spirits of our loved ones and through connecting to our spiritual and angelic guidance. Our connection to the Divine Cosmic Spirit is a healing resource we have only begun to tap into. It’s pure loving power is waiting for us to connect, to bless us, each other and our world.

Know your loved ones in spirit enjoy connecting with you and are often doing so. Perhaps today you might experience a song gift, a butterfly visit, an electrical sign or the through the wise unexpected words a friend speaks to your soul. We are all Mediums, in that spirit communicates with us and through us. May you too experience the joy of your own Mediumship.

Many blessings!   Kerry

Mitch Kuhn