The Spiritual Cocoon of Winter; Allowing the Season to Nourish Your Soul

Winter, with her short days and long cold dark nights, invites you to spend time with your soul, to allow her stillness and darkness to cocoon your inner spiritual growth journey of self-realization and transformation. Winter is the season of patience, hope and faithful knowing. Just as we plant bulbs in the ground in the fall and through winter and know they will emerge as hyacinths, daffodils and tulips come spring, we hold a faithful knowing that as we lovingly attend to our soul's nourishment and needs, we will emerge into the sunlight of spring, stronger, wiser and more in harmony with our true self and all of life. Here are my offerings to help bring light and warmth to your soul's journey this winter.

December Meditation and Support Circle- A winter guided meditation of warmth and light. This Monday, December 4th, 6:30 to 8:30, at "Mike's House" in Meridian. (January's meditation circle will meet the second Monday evening, January 9th, due to the New Year's holiday.)

Meditation, the art of quieting the mind, soothing the soul, opening the heart and expanding consciousness, brings us into an inner place where we can meet our true and highest self and the infinite love and wisdom of our spiritual universe. I will guide us in a meditation of warmth and light to bring you comfort and peace through the holidays and the season of winter. Our meditation will be followed by a casual finger food potluck and a time of spiritual sharing and support. Suggested donation is $20. Contact me for the address to Mike's house and for more details.

Monthly Small Group Readings. Are you wanting a reading but are struggling to afford the cost of a private reading? I hope this new offering will help. Once a month, in my office in Boise, I will give a small group reading of three to four participants. The cost is $65 per participant. Contact me to register for December or January's small group reading.

Give a reading to someone you care about this holiday season to bring warmth, light and hope to their winter. Give two and the second reading is half off (and yes, the second gift can be for you!) A reading can open the heart and the mind and help a person meet their true and eternal self and begin a lasting journey of working with the wisdom within them and the wise counsel of their spiritual guidance. If you would like to give the soulful and transformative gift this holiday season, contact me and I'll will get your gift cards mailed out asap.

Through the holiday season and all of winter, remember to return to your breath and come into the moment, whatever the moment holds. Nourish your peace and well-being with quiet meditative time. Pay attention to what gives you joy and bring it into your life. See others as you are learning to see yourself, with loving compassion for the unique and eternal spirit that has taken on the challenge of living in human form. Know that you are in the midst of and an important part of an infinitely loving and wise spiritual universe. Return to your breath, let go, and come into its presence.

Winter blessings,


December Soul Nourishing Reading Suggestions:

Mindfulness for Beginners, Jon Kabat-Zinn

No Time Like the Present, Jack Kornfield 

The Road Less Traveled, M. Scot Peck

The Observer and the Observed, J Krishnamurti (For those who like a hearty read for the mind to chew on.)

Night, Elie Wiesel (A soul's journey through the darkest winter of the Holocaust)

Kerry Ryan