IMPORTANT INFORMATION to prepare you for a reading

  • I no longer record sessions due to time limitations but I encourage you to record your session. There are many free apps for smart phones available as well as low cost digital recorders.
  • My code of ethics guides my work. Feel free to talk to me about it. I keep in privacy and confidence my work with you and what comes through in readings. I greatly respect the soul experience that a reading is and keep conscious of this in our work together.

  • Avoid wearing heavily scented products, and clothes washed with dryer sheet and fabric softeners. The chemicals in artificial scents, dryer sheets and fabric softeners contain neurotoxins (as well as carcinogens). The neurotoxins can effect the communication from cell to cell in our brains. This can effect your reading as it can slow down the processing of the reader.  I am very sensitive to the chemicals in these products. Thank you for refraining from wearing them to ensure the best reading possible…and good health too.

  • Following a reading, allow time for processing. Readings can bring up memories and emotions and open your mind to a a new reality. Give yourself time to let the contents of your reading gently settle into
    your consciousness.

  • Expectations. It is most beneficial to show up for a reading without them and to let Spirit meet you with its wisdom from a much higher perspective.

  • Bring a notebook so you can jot down information that comes through. This is particularly helpful if you are not recording your reading.

  • Feel free to call me or email me with any questions that arise both before your reading or after.

  • Before your reading, make sure you've read and submitted the liability release form and paid the invoice for the cost of your reading. Both will be mailed to you soon after scheduling your appointment.


Your reading will be at my office, located just off Warm Springs Avenue. 

750 Warm Springs Ave, Suite A3
Enter the parking lot from Bannock Street.