IMPORTANT INFORMATION to prepare you for a reading


You are welcome to record your reading or to bring a notebook and take notes. The information that comes through in a reading is often metaphorical and abundant; it takes time to process it fully. Sometimes there are little bits for you to recognize your connection to universal energy in the future. It can be helpful to have a recording or notes for later processing and simply to help you remember.

Thank you for refraining from wearing heavily scented products the day of your reading. These products contain chemicals that can affect our nervous systems adversely. With my sensitivity, I am easily affected by these chemicals. Thank you for helping me keep my neurological system working at its very best for your reading.

As a psychic medium, I am not only sensitive to energy and chemicals but am sensitive to barometric pressure changes that come with changing weather. Occasionally my sensitivity to barometric pressure changes will arise at the time of a reading. If this happens before your reading, I will let you know as soon as possible and will reschedule you to the nearest and most convenient time possible. I will also refund 10% of the cost of your reading to you as a thank you for your patience and understanding.

Before your reading session, I prepare and clear my energy so I can be a pure channel for your spiritual energy. I also prepare the energy of the reading space and invite the spirits of the highest vibration to join us. Only the spirits sent with the grace of our divine source are invited to be with us.

You can spiritually prepare your energy for your reading by taking some quiet reflective time in the 24 hours before your reading. Take a few deep tummy breaths and bring your awareness within. Notice what is within you, thoughts, feelings, physical sensations. Allow yourself to be interested rather than judgmental. Continue to take deep slow tummy breaths and to be non-judgmentally aware of what you are experiencing. The more aware you are of you and open to your “what is,” the more receptive you can be to your reading.

Next, bring your awareness to the spiritual energies that guide you. Don’t worry if you cannot sense them; they are connected to you. You can let them know you are having a reading and would be grateful to have them present. If you have specific questions you’d like them to answer or specific loved ones in spirit you’d like to come through, let them know.

Now, do your best to let go of expectations and open to the wisdom of your highest self and your spiritual guidance. Though I very much want the spirits to come through who you want to come through and I want to answer the questions you have asked, I cannot control who will come through or what questions will be answered. Your reading is created by the spirits who guide you, in communication with the spirits who guide me. Until I begin tuning into your reading, just before you arrive, I do not know what it will hold and often don’t until we are reading together.

I have learned that a reading is created by your highest self and your spiritual guidance to bring you what your soul needs at the time of the reading, perhaps to gain clarity or to move forward. Sometimes spirit knows what our soul needs more than we do. Their perspective is much higher than ours and free of the limits of time and space. As a medium I act as a conduit of your spiritual energies. I cannot control the content of your reading or take it into a different direction. I can only read the energy that is being given.

You are the translator of the information that comes through. My job is to bring through as clearly as I can what I sense so that you can understand its meaning. Spirit often communicates in metaphors, images and symbols that have meaning. Spirit uses the images and events in memory and mind to bring meaning to you. Sometimes it takes several images, symbols and communications for you to understand the direction spirits is taking us. Thank you for being patient as the information comes through. You are also responsible for what you do or don’t do with the information that comes through at your reading.


Your reading will be at my office, located just off Warm Springs Avenue. 

750 Warm Springs Ave, Suite A3
Enter the parking lot from Bannock Street.