Can a Psychic Medium Predict Your Future?

If you are given a glimpse of your future in a reading, it is a gift to help guide you along your spiritual journey, either to help you avoid an obstacle or to help you move towards your highest self.  Life is not passive.  It is creative.  When Spirit brings through a glimpse of what could come to be, it is asking you to co-create the future together, by taking responsibility for what is yours and having the courage to make choices which move your life in the direction of love, light and well being.  

One of the first subjects I discussed with the Divine when I realized I was a Medium and would be reading people, was that I did not want to see the deaths, future diseases or catastrophe’s of the people who come to me for help.  For the most part spirit has respected my request and I rarely see future death or tragedy, unless, what I see can prevent it from happening and Spirit choses to alert me of it, to alert my client, with the intention of avoidance or preparation.   Most often this information is kept safely sealed from both of us.

Examples of how Spirit might bring through information in a reading to bless a client’s future is when Spirit shows an image of a special someone who will be entering your life or a loved one in spirit will share how to recognize a future beloved by how they will treat you.  In both of these scenarios if the client takes the guidance seriously, they now have the ability to recognize this future loved one when they come into their lives.  Often we let the right one get away because we aren’t in alignment with our selves.  Future information comes through to help us make choices in alignment with our highest good.

Another example of a future glimpse that blesses, is when Spirit brings through information about your soul’s calling, your soul’s purpose.  Spirit is affirming the content, the longing of your soul and spirit.  It is you who chooses to make the longings reality by taking action.

And these are the magic words of readings that bring in the future…”take action” and “you choose”.   You have the free will to chose fear and to stay comfortable in a place that doesn’t support your well being.  And, you chose whether to step with courage into a life that moves you in the direction of your own soul’s path, purpose and fulfillment.

Yes, future glimpses come through…It is your choice whether they come true…

Mitch Kuhn