Cherishing Rainbows…and All Frequencies of Light and Humanity!

I understand now why I could not sleep at all Saturday night…and why LGBT and rainbows came in strong at our Sunday morning service at Sona’s Mediumship workshop. I didn’t learn of the devastating shooting in Florida until I got home from the workshop last night. But, I sensed it and I have no doubt many who are sensitive to energy felt the devastating loss even if they didn’t know what happened.  Without tv or radio or checking one’s phone, all of us living beings are so connected that when hatred and ignorance stops so many beating hearts and releases so many souls, the wave of energy it creates is like a giant gasp that flows through us all.

Mom’s and dad’s, brother’s and sisters, lovers, partners, spouses, children, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, dear friends, of those who were taken from the Earth early Sunday morning in the shooting in Florida, know that so many of us who understand that being gay or transgender of gender different is simply about being the color of light that you are. When light shines through a crystal, pure and clear, it breaks into every color of the rainbow. If you look closely you will see that within each color are many hues, and within each of those are even more hues of color. So many colors! We stop when we see the breaking of light into rainbows on our walls or in the atmosphere after rain. We stop and take a deep breath and know that in that spectrum of light’s colors, all arched together, is hope and a knowing that somehow all will be okay.

I, like so many people who understand and love rainbows, send love and light from my heart to yours. I hope as we felt the wave of devastating loss that the taking of your loved ones sent around the world, that you will feel the waves of love and light we are now sending to you. May you also experience the comfort and peace of your loved one’s spirit now pure light in its true colors! Know that we will not forget your loved ones and will work with you to make this world a place where they can freely dance the color of their soul without fear…

Here’s Cyndi Lauper's music video:


In love and grace,


Mitch Kuhn