Being In Spirit – Opening my office to you tomorrow evening (and each first Thursday of the month)

Hello friends of Sona’s Sanctuary,

The first Thursday evening of the month, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm, I open my office, Sona’s Sanctuary, to you to simply be present in and experience the unconditionally loving, comforting energy of Spirit. This is a quiet gentle time to breath deeply, let go, be exactly who you are with whatever you are going through… and experience the comfort and peace of Divine healing energy.

This month’s Sona’s Sanctuary focus is SURRENDER…

Surrender means,
accepting this moment
this body, and this life
with open arms
Surrender involves,
getting out of our own way
and living in accord with
a higher will,
expressed as the wisdom of heart.
Far more than passive acceptance,
surrender uses every challenge
as a means of spiritual growth
and expanded awareness.
(from Dan Millman’s, The Laws of Spirit)

Dress comfortably. Bring a blanket and or a pillow if you’d like. Thank you for refraining from wearing heavily scented products.

My office, Sona’s Sanctuary is located at the corner of Fairview and Liberty in the Linda Vista Plaza in the Professional Office Center…6477 W. Fairview, Suite E.

Thank you for a small donation to Sona’s Sanctuary…one you can afford that feels just right to you is much appreciated.

No need to rsvp, just come on in and join us…

Mitch Kuhn