Reflecting on a Year

Happy Holidays to my clients and each of you lovely people who read my blog. My writing has slowed down a lot this past year as life brought in the unexpected, as it often does for each and all of us. 2016 has been an extra beautiful and extra challenging year. 

Kerry Ryan
The Joy of Mediumship

I posted this a year ago shortly after my return from England. I still sometimes can’t believe I traveled to England and studied at Arthur Findley. It was just over five years ago I was home and bed bound by a Dopamine Deficiency Movement Disorder and yet I have been able to make this trip by myself.

Mitch Kuhn
Sunday Musings

On Sunday mornings my husband John goes on his sanity joy ride on his mountain bike. This is his time to download and refill with the healing power of nature. He works long hours at his job and when he’s home he is “Papa” to our Granddaughter Kayla on attentive parenting duty...

Mitch Kuhn
Spiritual Mother's Day Thoughts

Today I think of the Mom’s I know whose only child has left this physical world and become spirit. I think of you with your courage to endure the pain of the profound loss, not only of your child but of the role of mother. 

Mitch Kuhn
Psychic & Mediumship Development

I share with you the dynamic and important message shared by Marianne Williams speaking at the College of Noetic Sciences. Psychic and Mediumship abilities are like fire!

Mitch Kuhn
Honoring Our Sensitivity

When my children were little I made up little lullabies that I would sing to them to help them relax and feel warm safe as they made their way to sleep. One of these little lullabies is on my mind this morning as I come to peace with the changes going on in my life and work right now. 

Mitch Kuhn