after your reading


Please schedule time after your reading both to ground from being connected to higher energy and time to process what has come through. I encourage you not to schedule a stressful appointment or return to a stressful job right after your reading. Give yourself some quiet alone time to process.

After being in a reading, connected to our spiritual reality, it is important to ground, to come completely into awareness of our physical world. Notice the details of the physical environment around you, notice the weather, remind yourself of your plans for the rest of the day. Stretch, use the restroom, have a drink of water. It’s important not to drive until you feel well grounded in the physical world. If after your reading you are having a hard time grounding, please return to my office and let me know. I can help do some extra grounding exercises with you.

Unsatisfied with your reading? Please talk to me about it.

If you are disappointed in your reading or frustrated, please talk with me about it. It is important to me that you have a positive reading experience and I will do all I can to help.

Pleased with your Reading? Thank you for writing a review or testimonial.

 If you are pleased with your reading and feel helped and supported by it, I thank you for taking a moment to write a review at the links below. In our online world, good reviews are important to the health of a business. They are particularly important for the practice of a Psychic Medium, whose work is often misunderstood. Your reviews will help others to know that my work is authentic and can be of help and support to them.

If you are very pleased, and perhaps inspired, you can write a short testimonial for my web-site here.

Gratitude for Your Referrals:

If you would like to refer a family member or a friend for a reading, I have a referral program to thank you. You will receive 15% off your next reading…or you can let your family member or friend use the discount.


Your reading will be at my office, located just off Warm Springs Avenue. 

750 Warm Springs Ave, Suite A3
Enter the parking lot from Bannock Street.