Sona's Sanctuary, LLC


I offer my mediumship, my ability to connect you to the spiritual energies that love and guide you, to support your spiritual growth and your journey of healing and harmonizing...body, mind and spirit. 

I offer single reading sessions, when you want to connect and communicate with a loved one in spirit or when you are seeking wisdom from the high and wise perspective of your highest and true self and your spiritual guides and teachers.

I offer and specialize in “elongated readings”,  reading sessions that extends over time, where we meet at regular intervals to tune into your highest self and divine spiritual guidance, to support and guide you through the inner work and transformational processes of spiritual growth, healing and harmonizing body, mind and spirit.

I give reading sessions in person at my office in Boise and by phone to anywhere else. If you have any questions about my work and how I can be of support to you, please contact me I am happy to talk with you.


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“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin



Featured in the Top 50 Psychics & Mediums in the U.S.

I have been doing professional psychic medium readings in person in Boise, Idaho and throughout the world via phone and Skype since 2012. See Testimonials to read examples of my clients' experiences, and contact me if you have any questions.


"During our time together [Kerry] described my Father, Mother, Mother-In-Law, Grandfather, Children and of course My Love with such accuracy I was amazed. [She] even knew how my Father would stand with his arms behind his back and view the world around him..."

Cyndi's full testimonial >

"Having visited other psychics before, I experienced Kerry's ability to go far above and beyond the basics. I was amazed at the detail she gave about the people in my life, present, past, and future. The "frosting on the cake" was her skill in taking that information and applying it to my life to help me more clearly see my path. As I left her office I felt like a weight had been lifted. I would highly recommend Kerry and have the utmost respect for her as a medium and person..."

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"...I lost my son in 1985. He was 4 months old. I had resigned myself to the fact that I would never really know what happened to him until my time came. He came through with Kerry. The confirmations were astounding! The love that I felt was breathtaking! He had so much to say. His playfulness was extremely enjoyable. The facial expressions and emotions that Kerry displayed, as she relayed things to me, were truly amazing!..."

Connie's full testimonial >

"I recently had my first reading with Kerry. I must admit that I was not sure what to expect and that I was very surprised by the outcome of her being on target for so many of the topics...Kerry described specific family and friend situations; detailed in-depth relationships I have with people I know; and she shared the exact period of specific events in my life. She would not have been able to guess or research such private and random situations and matters..."

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